God’s Person

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy but I know that Jesus on the TubeMeredith and Cristina are each other’s person.  Your person is the one you can call when you get dumped, the one who helps you get home after surgery, the one you can phone in the middle of the night and say, “There’s a naked dead guy on my kitchen floor” and she responds, “I’ll be right over.”

One of the comforts of life is having a person.  The unspeakably fortunate have more than one.

So, I was praying on the train yesterday on my way to work and – to be perfectly honest – I am a distracted pray-er, especially on the train.  But these words came out:  “Help me be your person today.”   For the record, I was talking to God.

Now God can do much better than me, in terms of a reliable person.  And yet it occurs to me that it’s not a bad daily aspiration:  to try to be God’s person.  And by that I mean that there will be people out there on the sidewalk or in the elevator or waiting for a bus and they might need someone to be their person for a moment or a day.

I’m not talking about being That Person who annoyingly tries to fix everything or be helpful in ways that are not at all helpful.

I’m talking about paying attention.  It’s really cold in Chicago this week and it’s common to bundle up and brace ourselves against the weather to such an extent that we can become blind to what’s going on around us.  We miss the person who needs a person.

Trying to be God’s person feels amazing – sort of what it’s like to be a super hero. Nobody knows we have a secret mission.  But we do.

Image source.  She can also paint a picture of you and your people on the Tube with Jesus.

3 responses to “God’s Person

  1. Jan, this is my holy stelth mode for Jesus. I love being on a mission… ‘When I choose to accept’ and spend my day looking, loving and helping my assigned person. Think I have an assignment each day, but many days I’m distracted, forgetful or too self absorbed. Here’s to the encouragenent from “each others person” in the Jesus community.


  2. Barbara Shaffer

    I absolutely love this post – this feels like my life’s work.


  3. Cheryl Dean Wright

    Just the right post at just the right time. Certainly a charge I would like to set my sights on… Thank you, Jan.


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