Where Is God When Old Certainties Vanish?

‘ “Somebody is taking everything you are used to and you had” — your steady middle-class existence, your values, your security. It’s not that the economy is bad in all of Kentucky; the arrival of the auto industry has been a boon, and the unemployment rate is just 4.9 percent. It’s that all the old certainties have vanished.’ From this article by Roger Cohen 9-9-16

coal-country-kentuckyThis – of course – is the story of the 21st Century Church (especially if we miss the 20th Century Church.)  This is also why Donald Trump will win the votes of many who feel unheard and dismissed in Coal Country and beyond.  This is also why people are so angry at Colin Kaepernick.  This is why the world is feeling a little nutty.

Everything we used to consider certain is changing:

  • If you work hard, your job will be secure and you can stay until you retire.
  • If your church offers good preaching and strong Sunday School, people will come.
  • If you are a good American, you will be proud of our country no matter what.

It doesn’t seem fair or right.  And maybe it isn’t.  But God is in this.  We just need to figure out how and then move in God’s direction.

Because Jesus didn’t die for church institutions or corporations or flags.  Jesus died for human beings so that we might be the people we were created to be.  This is an everlasting certainty.

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2 responses to “Where Is God When Old Certainties Vanish?

  1. Indeed it is!


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I grew up 14 miles North of Paris and have seen the area change over the years since I moved. I recently returned for my 50th high school reunion. We really did not talk about politics, but classmates who are Facebook friends echo the comments that Mr. Cohen heard.


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