We’re Tired. We’re Anxious. Now What?

To be perfectly simplistic, I’m seeing two kinds of churches out here:

  1. Churches who are wringing their hands about whether or not their congregations will survive this pandemic.
  2. Churches who are practicing flexibility as best they can during this pandemic.

All of us are tired and somewhat anxious.  All of us feel a little like burnt toast.

But this is where we are right now and there are opportunities to find both relief and hope.  My brilliant colleague suggests that we preachers do what preachers do:  tell stories. (Thank you PH.)

Tell the story of the single parent who can now participate in Tuesday night Bible study because it’s virtual and there’s no need to hire a babysitter.

Tell the story of the families who have joined them via live-streaming for a couple months now who might have never crossed the threshold of their church building.

Tell the story of the member who can’t meet anyone in person because of chemotherapy treatment but finds so much comfort in seeing friends during online small group meetings.

Tell the story of members who have increased their financial giving to support the special needs that have arisen due to the pandemic.  The food pantry has never received so many donations.  The people who have shared their stimulus checks because they didn’t themselves need them have grown the mission funds.

We all have pandemic stories.  Many of them are tragic.  Some of them are inspiring.  It’s up to us to share the inspiring ones while comforting those traumatized by the tragic ones.

Have a good weekend.  Tell somebody a story.

2 responses to “We’re Tired. We’re Anxious. Now What?

  1. I look forward to your blog. The messages are so timely and thought provoking. Thank you for the inspiration.


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