That Means So Much to Me

HH really likes those battery operated pillar candles set on timers to come on and off at the same time each evening.  We had them in our windows in our Illinois house.

On Saturday night, after the movers had placed the last box in the North Carolina apartment that’s been my home for a while and HH’s home for a day, he noticed that I’d put a single candle in the main window in our living room.

[Note: I share this not because I’m awesome but because HH notices things.]

That means so much to me,” he said.

HH is really good at expressing both gratitude and immediate feedback.  And it’s helpful to hear because I want to do things that make this person happy.

In the past few weeks, as HH has left his (now former) congregation, he’s received lovely expressions of gratitude.  He’s also received good feedback on actions he took years before.  People have shared that “it meant so much to them” when HH visited their loved one in the hospital or preached messages of inclusive love or officiated at their children’s baptisms.

Servants in helping professions don’t always get such feedback.  Effective helpers don’t keep score like athletes and business executives and politicians.

Thankfully, medical professionals and grocery store personnel and truck drivers are hearing some well-deserved praise these days.  It means so much to us to receive compassionate medical care.  It means so much to us for grocery stores to stock their shelves. It means so much to us to have orders safely delivered.

But we can do better with offering such feedback.  Don’t wait to share it.  Don’t wait until pandemic situations or deathbeds or good-byes to share it.

  • It means so much to me that you would hold a phone to my grandmother’s ear so I could talk with her in the hospital.
  • It means so much to me that you Venmo-ed  grocery money.
  • It means so much to me that you phoned.
  • It means so much to me that you are making virtual worship (and Bible studies and meetings) happen.

It means so much when people notice our special efforts.

Who’s out there doing extra service for your benefit today?  It’s a good time to tell them it means a lot to you.

PS – Today is SBC’s birthday and it means so much to me that he has grown up to become such an amazing human. SPC loves children’s literature, quirky kids, and linguistics.