Political Rant by a Person Trying to Follow Jesus

I like a good party.  But I won’t be watching the Republican Party’s Convention this week.  And I won’t be watching the Democratic Party’s Convention next week.  Just can’t do it.

I am embarrassed to watch people who self-identify as Christian – which means we are brothers and sisters of Christ together –  mocking people who disagree with them from the opposing side.  If we are supposed to love our enemies it seems logical that we are supposed to refrain from making fun of them too.

I don’t want to hear people explain Tropical Storm Isaac because of somebody’s sins.  I don’t like feeling cynical when both political parties make efforts to appear more diverse, female-friendly, tolerant, etc. when reality tells a different story.

I don’t want to watch deceptive, negative, mean-spirited, snarky advertisements that mock our democracy and our way of life as people who try to follow Jesus.

I don’t want to participate in the ugly truth that the most financially powerful people in this country get to control the election via Super PACs.  It might be legal but it’s not moral or just.  We are a better country than this.

The political parties have lost their way every time they would rather wake up to learn that their political rivals have screwed up than our nation has rallied.  This is sick.

Speaking of parties, seventeen people lost their lives in a most vile way in southern Afghanistan Monday because they were dancing and listening to music.  We live in a world in which the kingdom of heaven is hidden from too many.  I wish the political parties noted these horrors but chances are that nobody will mention this party when the politically powerful meet in Tampa and Charlotte.

It’s not good for my soul to watch the speeches, the videos, the media coverage.  It’s not good for the soul of our country when people base their politics on what’s good for them and their families first and foremost.  We are all blessed beyond the wildest dreams of most people in the world and even if money is tight and we fear losing our jobs, we are still called to serve the least of these.

So, I for one won’t be tweeting about Ann Romney’s or Cory Booker’s speeches.  Maybe they’ll be great speeches and I hope they are.  But I don’t think I can watch.

12 responses to “Political Rant by a Person Trying to Follow Jesus

  1. Preach it!


  2. Thank you, you have heard my heart.


  3. Thanks for saying this. It’s a good reminder.

    This is why my election year snark (at least online and in public) has hit an all-time low. I still think it, but broadcasting it is not who I think I’m called to be.


  4. Amen. Posting to Facebook.


  5. I’m with you. I did not always share this opinion but in recent years and particularly now I have come to it.


  6. Thanks for sharing! Well said!


  7. Was just saying this morning that I’ll not be watching or reading anything about either convention. What you’ve noted here is why. Thanks.


  8. Frank the curmudgeon

    It seems to me that the “Political Rant by a Person Trying to Follow Jesus,” in common with political conventions, is no stranger to mischaracterization.


  9. I had decided that I needed to watch a little bit of the Republican Party this year to see what is being said. So I watched Ann Romney and Chris Christie last night, and I won’t do that again….It doesn’t mean a thing—because what they say has no basis in reality and what is going on in politics….So…I will now go with my original intention…..no convention watching for me, either…


  10. Ditto, ditto, ditto


  11. Thank you and amen! Folks, we can do a better job than this.

    Inward/Outward this morning had a Madeleine L’Engle piece – I focused on the suggestion to think 6 impossible things before breakfast. Twoof my 6 impossibles were that there would be justice in our world and that politicians in the US would think and act with God’s wisdom in their hearts.


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