Saints Wear Aprons (not bibs)

My genius friend AD was telling me that she hopes to one day have church business cards that say something about the responsibility of church members to wear aprons, not bibs – but she had a much more poetic way of putting this.

She heard about the idea in a class, and then we found this post which spells out the details.  Amen Mountain Wings.

“Bibs are for people who only want to be fed.  Bibs are for those who are not yet ready or willing to feed themselves.  Bibs are for those who are more interested in being served than in serving. Bibs are for those who insist that the church exists for them and their needs. Bibs are for babes in the faith, those who haven’t  caught God’s vision for the church, or those who are not yet of the faith.”

“Aprons are for those who have a heart to serve others in Jesus’ name.  Aprons are for those who know they are the church.  Aprons are for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.  Aprons are for those who take the time daily to feed their spiritual hunger.  Aprons are for those who are growing in faith, and hunger to help others grow.”

It occurs to me that an apron would be the perfect “Welcome to This Church” gift for new members.  If new members receive “welcome gifts” at all, it’s often a coffee mug or a key chain or a Church Cook Book.  But what if we required a commitment to service – in the image of Christ – before asking people to join.    “Membership” would become less about receiving ecclesiastical benefits and more about committing to serve others in Jesus’ name.

Even Jesus wore an apron when he served others according to scripture.  If true saints are those in the church who follow in the likeness of Jesus, shouldn’t we all be wearing one?  Something to think about on All Saints’ Day.

Image by Ford Madox Brown is Jesus Washing the Feet of Peter (1852-56)

2 responses to “Saints Wear Aprons (not bibs)

  1. I love that idea! Aprons for a welcome gift! All the Saints I know have worn aprons….my grandmother when she made 15 pies the first friday of the month for the church community dinner, Ms. Germaine when she made cookies she brought by cab every time we left for a youth retreat and Mersida, who held church in her kitchen -inviting anyone with a problem to sit down for a minute and take a break! (and enjoy something wonderful to eat!)


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