Pete Rollins & NEXTChurch 2013

the-idolatry-of-god-breaking-our-addiction-to-certainty-and-satisfactionLeaving  NEXTChurch2013 yesterday, I happened to be reading Peter Rollins new book which I love for thoroughly selfish and idolatrous reasons.  Part of the NEXT2013 conversation was about what we love more than Jesus.  What is our (real) chief concern? Old question.  And fresher than ever.

Idolatry is everybody’s favorite sin, if you ask me, and the church is – of course – a daily offender.

If we are honest and try to discern what we truly worship, we might find that:

  • We worship what others think of us.
  • We worship money and what it can buy.
  • We worship not God, but the idea and promises of God.
  • We worship church.
  • We worship family.
  • We worship our children specifically (which is a variation of worshiping what others think of us:  if our kids do well, people think it’s because we are awesome parents.)
  • We worship our parents specifically (another variation of worshiping what others think of us: if our parents were amazing, we must be too.)
  • We worship love – or the idea of it.

I could go on and on, but you see what I’m saying.

As we talk about what’s next for the people who gather together to follow Jesus, here is some wisdom I randomly picked up at NEXT2013:

  • From Ed Brenegar (my Young Life Leader 40 years ago and now my colleague in ministry):  if everything in the church falls apart and it might/will, what will be left will be our relationships and all will be well.
  • From Bill Golderer and Aisha Brooks Lytle:  all churches (all of them) need Administrative Commissions these days to hold us accountable and deal with the junk, freeing the congregations to simply pray and discern God’s next call for the church.

There’s more, but I need to get going this morning.  It’s a snow day in Chicago but I like to work in the snow.  Makes everything feel a little cleaner.

Have a good day everybody.

One response to “Pete Rollins & NEXTChurch 2013

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were there; I would have loved to meet you in person! I appreciate your writing and ministry from afar!


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