Bad Exegesis Kills

This article has been out there for a couple days now.  You can also watch this. (It’s almost 35 minutes long but worth it.  Please watch it all.)
To re-cap:  Christian teenage son tells his faithful Christian mom that he’s gay.  She still loves him but informs him that he can’t follow Jesus and embrace his sexuality.  He hates himself and self-medicates.  He dies.  Mom realizes that she was wrong.

Linda Robertson – and all of us – have misunderstood the Bible.

At the risk of offending everyone who interprets Scripture more conservatively than I do, please take the Bible seriously enough to study it inside and out before you condemn someone via your interpretation.  Learn Hebrew and Greek.  Study the culture and mores of ancient times.  Read.  The. Whole. Bible.  Look for the overarching themes rather than the single verse that talks about facial hair, for example.  Pray about it.  Talk about it.  Wonder about it.  Pray some more.

Because bad exegesis kills.

It kills the soul.  It kills relationships.  It can even kill the body.  But mostly, it in no way pleases God.

Not one of us has cornered the market on Truth.  It takes a lifetime to grapple with What God Is About.  But let’s start with love.

For God so loved the world . . .

2 responses to “Bad Exegesis Kills

  1. Amen and thank you for such a concise, well-reasoned, considerate and, yes, approachable explanation. This. Should. Be. Required. Reading.


  2. Absolutely


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