Be Somebody’s Church Today

After reading this article about a woman who lost her husband, her friends, and her hair I said, to nobody in particular, “This lady needs a church.”All Saints Day

By that, I don’t mean she needs to visit her local sanctuary this Sunday.  She doesn’t need to sign a pledge card or join a committee.  She needs a church.  More specifically (and theologically true) she needs for somebody to be her church.

So, on this All Saints Day – one of my favorite days of the year – be a saint to someone who needs the church . . . which would be all of us.  In spite of all this business, scripture calls anyone who follows Jesus a saint.  Let’s be that today.

Image is All Saints by Vasilii Kandinsky (1911)

4 responses to “Be Somebody’s Church Today

  1. I remember attending All Saints Day with Hari a number of years (on our way to Florida); and I don’t remember ever celebrating it so joyously in any other church I have ever attended. I LOVE your definition of “saints”!


  2. Jan, I hope you don’t mind, I quoted you from this on our church FB page, fully attributed, and pointed them towards your blog. I should have asked first, but it was so perfect I was too excited to think!


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