Repeat After Me: I Have Enormous Power

MandelaI (stupidly) said to a colleague a while ago that “I was just the Interim Associate Executive Presbyter.  I don’t really have any power.”  Wrong.

I have enormous power.  I can ruin someone’s life  – by giving an unfair reference or sharing a confidential piece of information or not giving him/her a second chance – but hope to God I never do these things.

You have enormous power too – especially if you are a pastor or if you are a church person of any kind.  You have the power to mess with people’s impressions of Christianity.  You have the power to welcome someone who is unwelcome in conventional culture.  You have the power to introduce a different narrative about what Jesus is about and who God is.

As we prepare to welcome a baby who was God (!) we remember One who was weak and yet breathtakingly powerful beyond all measure.  We remember that – in God’s realm Weak is the new Strong.  We remember that, as God’s children, we have enormous power.

Think Nelson Mandela.  Think Malala Yousafzai.  Think Little Church on the Corner with people who are serious about following Jesus.  Think Transformed People.

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