Gifts to Tuck Away for the Future

Future Gifts are my new favorite thing:Epiphany Klaus Lange

  • Tickets to an event that’s not happening for several months.
  • 75% off Christmas items for next year.

I’m telling the story again tomorrow about the silver-plated tray I got for Christmas when I was eight years old from one of my cousins (i.e. his mother my Aunt Frances) when we Edmiston cousins drew names for Christmas. It was the only silver-plated tray I received that year. silver tray

My sermon tomorrow is about the magi’s gifts which were future-oriented much like gifting an 8 year old with a silver-plated tray. Of course I would need that tray in the future for parties not yet imagined.

The incubation period for Jesus’ baby gifts was about 33 years. For me, it took less than twenty to use that special tray. And who – in anybody’s wildest dreams in 1964 – ever thought it would be used by the receiver – not only for fancy parties but also for a sermon?

New Year’s resolutions are future-oriented: the resolution to exercise brings future health, the resolution to practice more financial discipline brings the gift of calm if somebody needs an infusion of cash.

Spiritual disciplines work the same way. We learn scripture that might come in handy while lying on a gurney. We remember a sermon that calms us on a dark night.

How great is it that the gifts of the magi can still be touched and smelled. I wish all our gatherings tomorrow included frankincense burning beside a jar of myrrh and a little pile of gold shavings.

Image source (plus bonus image of silver tray from Aunt Frances.)

PS This is my 500th post on WordPress. Still sad about the 1500 posts I lost on Blogger when the cosmos forced me to re-boot my life in 2011. Nevertheless TBTG.

One response to “Gifts to Tuck Away for the Future

  1. Charlotte Lohrenz

    Great post, Jan. I always think of reading scripture and worship as gifts for the future. Who knows when we will need what we receive there?


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