There’s a Church for That


I don’t understand how cool phone apps work, especially the ones that can locate wall studs behind sheet rock and turn off the stove. But I know how cool churches work.

By cool churches, I’m not talking about screens and drums and coffee shops. I’m talking about churches that make a difference in the context in which they live:

– the churches that escort kids from school to the after school program in their building’s basement in a dangerous neighborhood

– the churches that welcome the homeless for breakfast every morning

– the churches that offer free legal clinics for the poor a couple morning’s a week

– the churches that host elder day care for local residents.

Imagine if, for every spiritual, social, physical, and emotional issue there was a church for that. So many of our congregations have lost our purpose and we can’t remember why we exist. Too few of our churches have a clear grasp of what breaks God’s heart in our communities. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If we are willing, we can be this church- or at least something a little closer to it.

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