The Pastor is the Last Person Who Gets to Be An @*#0!%

love-one-another-1-644x320It’s a naive person who believes that working in a church is all fluffy clouds and puppies.  I once worked with a church secretary who left “a stressful job” to work in our church office, imagining it would be all-peace-all-the-time.

She imagined wrong.

One of the phenomena of working in an institutional church is that some people believe they can be utterly crankitudinous human beings  – or worse – and everyone else believes we have to put up with it in the name of holy peacekeeping.

Occasionally pastors are the target of gossip, misinformation, and slander.  People yell at us or leave nasty notes.  I once had a hymnal thrown at me after an Ash Wednesday service.

But we pastors must be grown ups.

I’m not saying that pastors have to be doormats.  But we are charged with being spiritual leaders and training others to be spiritual leaders.  We are the last people who get to be @*#0!%s in our churches.  Even if we don’t like our people, we are expected to love them.  It’s not easy.

A friendly reminder to my pastor friends dealing mean people this week.

5 responses to “The Pastor is the Last Person Who Gets to Be An @*#0!%

  1. I like the start of this… But how about “just a friendly reminder to parishioners who are slandering their pastors today”.


  2. A good reminder that we ARE called to be the grown-ups – And an invitation to remember God’s grace when we (not IF we) fail. And that in order to be able to dig deep & find that humility, we need people outside the church to help us figure out when being the grown-up is letting things go, and when it means calling folk to account. Rats, is THAT hard discernment!


  3. Hi, Jan, et al. I’m living proof (well, I come bringing manifested proof of the reminder) that we are as grown-ups, our best in Christ as children. I don’t know about blogging, but I do know I am sent to speak with Jan, et al, in this blog-space of God’s playground. I’m a stranger here, but my presence has been requested here, and I would speak much more eloquently by normal grown-up standards if I knew what in the heck I was doing in this bloggish webby thingy. I’m more accustomed to speaking directly with people in person, or email, or chatting through an instant messenger service, but this is my first push into blogdom. Jan, et al, please help acclimate me. Entertain this stranger, and I’ll try my best to be an angel for you. I have a lot of really big stuff to say in the area of this blog entry, and slammed doors in this area are almost all I know. I hope you can sense some presence of wisdom behind my obvious display of ignorance since wisdom is known by her actions and I’m acting in a way that surely must show some sign of inappropriateness on behalf of my posting here. But I have important things to do in this area, and I am not yet assured that this should be made public, and my computer has been acting up online (but even still, I’m rather dense in that area), and I haven’t been able to figure out how to write directly to Jan even though I’ve been sent her way (or at least the way of her blog.) So if someone reading this is so moved, please embrace the admission of my being lost/ignorant/shy, etc. enough to action to help prod me forward. I don’t want to delay unnecessarily, but I really, really have something relatively uninvited to say in the area of this blog area and especially with Jan’s spirit. Thanks.


  4. Okay, I just re-read that last part, and what I mean is that I have something important to say that is typically not readily received by most Christian audiences and that Jan’s spirit appears to be a welcome oasis of support in the vein I come through even if it speaks of allowing being childlike in Christ to trump our current notions of spiritual maturity through standard grown-up notions we typically espouse today in our culture. Ahem. Sorry about that. My bad. Hope that made sense. Please, if called, write to me. I don’t need much written prodding, just a way to speak straightforwardly and appropriately when I’ve been sent to this strange blogdom I’m in right now. Thanks, peeps. 🙂


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