Do Experienced Pastors Need Coaches?

Yes. Yes, we do.Coach Smith

Young pastors are encouraged to partner with mentors as they begin professional ministry.

But most of our churches are staffed by pastors over the age of 50. I’m talking about all churches from Roman Catholic to Baptist to non-denominational congregations. And we over-50 pastors feel shocked, offended, and threatened when The Personnel Committee recommends that we take a preaching course or get leadership training.

But everybody needs a coach. Everybody.

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day and many clergy women of every age could use coaching in salary negotiation.  As well . . .

  • Former Associate Pastors often need coaching on managing as a solo Pastor or Head of Staff.
  • Most professional ministers need coaching on how to supervise and evaluate a staff.
  • Tired preachers need coaching on fresh ways to present The Word.
  • Pastors on the spectrum need to be coached on social skills that build community.

If our work is really about making disciples and loving our neighbors (and not about us and defending our own egos) then even the biggest deal pastor in the tallest steeple church will realize that we all need to be better at what we do.  Get a coach.  Be a coach.  Partner with somebody who is very different and coach each other.

Image of a great coach. My last nod to March Madness – at least for 2014.



4 responses to “Do Experienced Pastors Need Coaches?

  1. Hi Jan, for those of us who see ministry as something other than a “team sport” — what other language would you suggest? I agree with the need, and coaching sounds like I’m somehow engaged in competition against the other “team” — thanks much.


  2. mentor. adviser/advisor. consultant. guide.might also work.


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