Good News for Liberal Arts Majors


Three good guys got new jobs this week. Two of them are related to me.

HH and I are the parents of a Film Major, a Linguistics Major, and an Urban Design Major. Yep. They will probably never get signing bonuses. Some would say they are destined to work at Starbucks forever.

But by grace and determination, our two college graduates have landed jobs in their Liberal Arts fields. TBC is still pondering her future but she has options.

Thanks be to the God who made some of us love words more than numbers and art more than technology – although increasingly there are ties all around.

FBC moved to NYC last summer in hopes that if he could make it there, he could make it anywhere. SBC moved to NYC two summers ago in hopes of breaking into a very tough field. We are beyond grateful to report that they have new jobs. In their fields. With benefits. And paid vacations.

A third good guy – a theatre major – got a new job this week too. All is well in my own small little world.

Please tell me you already know what the image is. If not.

3 responses to “Good News for Liberal Arts Majors

  1. As the parent of a liberal arts major, let me say “I hear you!” and congratulations to all concerned!


  2. The painting is a fresco in the vatican museum, in the raphael rooms. It’s the School of Athens, I believe…

    Congrats to the kids!


  3. Congrats to the new job holders and their parents, from the liberal arts-grad daughter of an English major and an English/Communications major. And the painting – the first liberal arts school – Athens! (No, not UGA).


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