Let’s Get Together & Fail at Something

So imagine that you and a group of friends feel a gnawing tug to try somethingEpic Fail new in your church community:

  • Bible study in the bakery
  • Steel drums in worship
  • Women’s retreat on a sailboat
  • VBS in a nature preserve
  • New church in the bowling alley

What would keep us from doing it?

  • No money?
  • No back up?
  • No guts?
  • No imagination?

This article asks a great question for churches: Are We Failing at Failing? I believe the answer would be a resounding Yes. We seem to be so afraid of failure that we don’t dare try something new, even if it would make disciples and love our neighbors.

Are we so paralyzed by fear of failure that we would continue to choose easy but stale over difficult but inspiring? Are our own congregations (ostensibly “Communities of Grace”) the first to savage us when our plans fizzle? Are we more afraid of displeasing church bullies than displeasing God?

In these days of financial strains for many of our congregations, the fear of “wasting money” is overwhelming. It’s not uncommon for higher judicatories to frown upon creative projects – even well thought-out and fiscally responsible projects – for fear of an epic fail.

Jesus, for one, was considered a human failure in the eyes of both his enemies and his followers, at least until something amazing happened on that first Easter. The Pentecostal coming of the Holy Spirit sealed the deal. And we who sang resurrection songs just a couple days ago have already forgotten that God works through unlikely people and situations.

Also God seems to be a big fan of risk. Sometimes the risks seem foolish, but occasionally they have an amazing impact in terms of making earth a bit like heaven.

What if we started pondering now – in this season of Easter – some new ministry that might be planted and nurtured when the season of Pentecost rolls around?Who’s up for a creative launch?

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