Beyond Ovaries

There are women and girls here in Chicago at risk at this very moment. Books - Jimmy CarterThe same is true for your community, no matter where you are.

Some wonder why the Nigerian Schoolgirls have attracted such attention in light of the fact that crimes against schoolgirls happen every day in every nation.

  • Was it because having our own daughters/sisters/young friends our empathy quotient has ratcheted up?
  • Was it because teenagers in school uniforms (or in this case, in their night clothes) seem particularly innocent?
  • Was it because Boko Haram threatened to sell these girls for $12 to potential “husbands”?

Boys and men are also at risk throughout the world, but it’s different for girls. As Susan Brownmiller wrote in 1993, human history changed forever when ancient men realized that they could overpower ancient women by raping them. By sheer force, most men could control most women physically.

21 years later, Jimmy Carter has written another book that essentially states that the world’s violence, poverty, and dysfunction can be traced to the fact that women and girls are treated as lesser human beings than men. Read his new book, especially if you are a person of faith.

We people of faith have often been taught – erroneously – that God created men to be more valuable than women, just as some generations once were taught that God created light skinned people to be more valuable than dark skinned people. Holy Scripture has been used -erroneously – to support such notions.

Beyond praying for the Nigerian schoolgirls, we can educate ourselves on the realities of being a female in this world and work to make earth as it is in heaven.

In most of the world men control women legally, politically, and economically. And while our ovaries make most of us women physically at a disadvantage from most men, God did not intend for men to subjugate and overpower us.

Read this book.
This is a good read too.

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