The 21st Century Church is Color Brave

Two things:Mixed-Colorful-Flower-Garden

  1. If you haven’t yet read Bruce Reyes-Chow’s book But I Don’t See You As Asian, please do so today. This would be an excellent summer study for your book group.
  2. Stop what you are doing Right Now and watch Mellody Hobson’s TED Talk on race here.

And for extra credit, read through these facts about white privilege.  [Maybe you don’t already know this, but – in most cities in this country –  if your name is ‘Yolanda’ you are less likely to get a job interview than if your name is ‘Bianca’ (or Katherine, Anna, or Stephanie. Or John.)  White Privilege is a real thing.]

As Mellody Hobson has said, we don’t need to be color blind; we need to be color brave.  This is not about being politically correct or hipster or “open-minded.”

This is about being God’s people.  And this is about being The 21st Century Church.

We are called to be color brave, not because it’s cool, but because it is faithful.

Jesus always noticed people.  He noticed the short person in the tree.  He noticed the woman who came to the well at noon.  He noticed the person in the crowd who was tugging on his clothes. If we follow Jesus, we -too – need to notice people.

As Mellody Hobson points out, maybe we notice when we walk into a board room full of black people.  But how many of us notice when we walk into a board room full of white people?

What if we not only noticed but sought out more color and more diversity?

My sister once told me that she painted her living room salmon, and I couldn’t imagine it.  Frankly, it sounded a bit too adventurous for me.  But it was gorgeous.  She has an eye for this kind of thing, and her life is more interesting and beautiful for it.

Imagine how interesting and beautiful (and more faithful) we would be if we were color brave every day.

2 responses to “The 21st Century Church is Color Brave

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  2. Nice post. Married to a bi-racial man, a mother with mixed race children and grandmother to some grandchildren who “look” more black than white: I can tell you that the church has not been so kind to them. My husband and I are believers but we are all are first human and we all have a spirit.


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