What’s Your Blue Sky Proposal?

“My blue-sky proposal: teach America’s kids to read by making them read Awesome-Blue-Sky-poetry.”  William Logan wrote this here.

For our families, our jobs, our classrooms we sometimes propose ideas for the future.

Sometimes these proposals are attempts at making peace between factions.  Sometimes we imagine the best case scenario for a difficult situation.  But every once in a while we lift up our highest dreams and hopes and Great Visions:  our Blue Sky Proposal in the words of writer William Logan.

If all skies were blue and all options were open what would be your Blue Sky Proposal for changing the world?  We might articulate it this way:

(What you want to do) by (idea for doing it) as in . . .

  • Teaching kids to read by making them learn poetry.

Here are a couple of mine related to my church work (from simple to harrowing):

  • Teaching ruling elders to be spiritual leaders by requiring them to be available for individual, confidential prayer after worship each Sunday to anyone who needs private prayer.
  • Teaching ruling elders to be spiritual leaders by having them relinquish all committee work.
  • Helping congregations become unstuck by eliminating all committees for one calendar year.

I’d love to hear your Blue Sky Proposals too.

One response to “What’s Your Blue Sky Proposal?

  1. Teaching people civics by having them serve/participate in the process regularly. Maybe seats on city-councils, local commissions, etc. selected in a similar spirit as jury-duty.

    All too often I come interact with people who are justifiably upset, but for the wrong reasons. From my admittedly biased perspective, there is an increasing expectation for governance (both religious and secular) to just happen. When it doesn’t, accusations of ineptitude, insincerity, and selfishness abound. This isn’t to say that ineptitude, insincerity, and selfishness don’t exist in governing structures; far from it! I just feel that there would be more understanding and, ultimately, support for honest conversations if people experienced the sausage-making that is governance.


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