Continuing Education as a Disruptive Activity

Wild Goose 2014Clergy – at least in my denomination – are essentially required to take continuing education.  Some of us take preaching classes or attend conferences on everything from church redevelopment to spiritual direction.  Some take a week at a lake and write sermon outlines for the coming liturgical season.

It’s kind of a great gig.

But what if we chose something that so stretched our sensibilities that we returned to regular life a bit jostled?  Imagine continuing education as something that disrupted our usual Way of Thinking.

As you read this, HH and I are headed to the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, NC.  It’s been described as a Progressive Christian Woodstock, but mostly it’s four days of pushing and pulling and music and really good food and interesting conversations and stretching my old school Presbyterian mindset.  I. Love. It.

Before we can grow as a spiritual community – especially those of us who are connected to denominations that have Historical Significance – we need to broaden our vision.  I’m a fan of experiencing Continuing Ed that makes us a little uncomfortable.  How about you?

2 responses to “Continuing Education as a Disruptive Activity

  1. I’m JEALOUS!!! I was able to attend UNCO one year and it completely changed my 67-year-old mind about how to “do church.”


  2. YESYESYES. Disruptive is good – some might say essential.Part of the ongoing cycle of orientation/disorientation/reorientation among other things.


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