spacecraft-re-entry-4Many of us are fortunate to be returning from vacations and study leaves and sabbaticals today.  HH and I – after taking two whole weeks in a row off in 2013 – decided that we like that.  A lot.

And so we are returning back today after two weeks of vacation – cut short just a bit with the adoption of a lab mix who needed to be home recovering from a life on the road – literally.

So, here’s my question, brilliant readers:

How do you return well?  Assuming your voice mails and emails have piled up, what are your tips for weeding through it all?  It’s a real question.  Thanks.

One response to “Reentry

  1. I block out time on my schedule, as soon as I expect to be back at work, to go through the accumulated emails and to respond to those that need it. I also create an out of office message detailing who to contact if the matter cannot wait for my return and I don’t turn it off until I’m fully “present”.


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