Beyond Winning & Losing

And the winner is . . .  The Winner

Actually, church cannot be about winning and losing in the traditional sense.

A church governing board debates hiring a part-time childcare provider and it becomes heated . . . to the point that suddenly it’s not about what’s best for the church and the children of the church, but who will win and who will lose this debate.

A congregational Personnel Committee and the Pastor discuss whether or not it will be possible for the Pastor to have a sabbatical next year after seven years of pastoral service, and instead of considering what will be best for the Pastor and the congregation, it becomes about winning or losing that discussion.

As I see it, many of the disagreements on church boards are about power issues. We push for what’s good for us and our own families, what supports the legacy we’ve created, what perpetuates the systems we prefer.  We make decisions based on the fear of losing something rather than based on the faith that something kingdom-worthy might occur.

Healthy congregations make decisions based on what will transform their churches and their communities rather than their own personal preferences and desire to “win.”  How have you experienced this?

Image of Justin Leonard celebrating the winning putt on the final day of the 1999 Ryder Cup Tournament.


2 responses to “Beyond Winning & Losing

  1. Love this article Jan! Keep them coming. Diane


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