Power Assessment

Bruce AlmightyIn my little 21st Century Church Road Show, I ask this question of pastors and other leaders:

Are you more afraid of God or members of your congregation?

Fear is maybe the wrong word here, in terms of how we define it these days.  But the truth is that we sometimes try to please other people more than we try to please God.  You know what I’m talking about:

  • The Church Lady who threatens emotional mayhem if we do not keep her as Moderator of the Deacons.
  • The wealthy member who will withdraw his pledge if the worship hour is changed from 11 to 10 am.
  • The Senior Pastor who will give you the silent treatment if you don’t agree to chair the stewardship campaign again this year.

Who has power in your congregation?  It might not be the Pastor.  Who is it?

  • The ‘best friend’ of the pastor who seems to honcho The Inner Circle?
  • The church administrator who controls everything from the calendar to the thermostat?
  • The Associate Pastor who is a better leader than the Head of Staff?
  • The two people who count the donations every Sunday?

Or is it possibly God . . .  in that the question before every meeting, decision, or activity is:  Does this please God?  Does this transform our community so that we are more on earth like it is in heaven?  Does this alter our relationship with God and each other in a positive way?  Does this bring healing and wholeness?  Does this make more faithful disciples?

If the answer is “No” we are doing this for ourselves.  It’s about us – or the person with the power.  So who has the power in your congregation?

Image from Bruce Almighty.

3 responses to “Power Assessment

  1. If you truly believe in God, there is no need to ask Who has the power? Okay lets say you see something wrong being done and it does not follow the rule of God, do you still have to ask yourself Who ?


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  3. Being a Calvinist, the answer is the Sovereign God who loves TULIPS


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