Where Would We Go?

Lord, to whom can we go?  John 6:68


So what would you do if a parishioner told you that the only reason that he is part of his church is because he needs a venue for his funeral?  He is closer to 90 than 60 and so he is planning ahead.

And while he’s been a member of that congregation for most of his life, he has neither the energy nor the interest in committing himself to the mission and ministry of his church in the community.  And yet he asks, “Where would I go if this church didn’t exist?”

It’s come to this:  The church exists – for that particular gentleman and for many we know and love – for them . . . until they die.

A missional church exists, of course, for those outside its walls.  Yes, there are people within the walls to serve too, but the church gathers to be equipped to serve out in the world.  Remember?

Older generations who have been part of the same congregation for most their lives wonder where they would go if their church didn’t exist.  Younger generations can think of all kinds of places they would go if the church didn’t exist.  (And so they indeed go there.)

As churches shift to Millennial Leadership in the next 10 years, we are going to see some creative and fantastic models for ministry.  I personally can’t wait.

Where will we go?  Even as a Baby Boomer, I’m excited about the answer to that question.

We will go everywhere there are broken people who want life to be different.

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