Why Solid is Better than Hollow

Solid Jesus FishIn the hunt for the perfect stocking stuffers, it’s clear that 1) there are too few dark chocolate offerings and 2) hollow milk chocolate Santas are often sad, unsatisfying confections. Good dark solid chocolate is one of God’s great creations.

We all know why dark chocolate is preferable to milk chocolate:  health.  It’s all about good health, ladies and gentlemen.  Of course it is.

But why, exactly, is solid chocolate better than hollow?

  • Is it because we feel tricked and cheated when we bite into that thin hollow leg?
  • Is it because a hollow snack is a less substantial snack?

A church leader shared with me yesterday, in her reflections about a church she recently visited, that their faith seemed very hollow.  This is an issue with many of us:  our faith seems hollow (probably because it is.)

“Solid faith” is not only substantial;  it’s also substantive.  In other words:

  • It’s consequential.  It makes a difference in the world.
  • It’s meaningful.  It serves a purpose larger than ourselves.
  • It’s authentic.  No tricks or fakery.
  • It’s good for us.  It makes us better human beings.

What makes a spiritual community solid?  It’s not the number of members or the number of programs.  It’s not about Tiffany windows or award winning architecture.  It’s not about charismatic preachers or exquisite musicians.

It’s about solid faith in the One who has come to live among us.  If God is with us, the world is different.  If God is with us, we serve something bigger than ourselves.  If God is with us, things are finally real.  If God is with us, we can be the people we were created to be.  What if we assessed our congregations based on how solid they are?



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