What Will We Not Do/Have/Want in 2015?

Just Say NoIf over the past two weeks, we were blessed with 1) jobs and 2) time off from those jobs, today is probably The First Day Back.  “See ya next year!” we chirped to our colleagues in late December and now we return to our usual schedule.

Resolutions have already been made and broken, but unspoken goals are still swimming around in our heads.  Can we Have It All in 2015?  No.

Read this for background.

As I recently shared on FB, my 2015 hopes include inserting hearing aids into my ears, finishing a book I’m writing, and preparing – as stress free as humanly possibly –  for FBC’s wedding.  Oh, the list goes on and on in my head:  I also want to spend MLK weekend in DC and my birthday weekend in NYC.  I need new shoes.  And maybe boots.  (I still haven’t purchased Chicago-worthy winter boots even after 3 1/2 years in The Prairie State.)  People already tell me that I need to take a week’s vacation after the wedding.  I have two classes, one training, two retreats, and a week with my preaching group planned.  And my job is transitioning in a semi-huge way.

But what will I NOT be doing/having/wanting in 2015?  This is as important a question as it’s polar opposite.   Stating up front in January that I cannot do/have/want “it all” takes some pressure off, don’t you think?  What can I release?  What can I toss?

These questions are deeply spiritual. It takes some staring into space to figure it out.  It also takes humility and some serious vulnerability.  But here goes.

  • I will not lose weight for FBC’s wedding.  I know many brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, etc. who cut their calories for the sake of the form-fitting gown.  And it would be nice to be my own marriage weight for the August 2015 nuptials of my FBC.  But it isn’t going to happen. I’m not even going to try.
  • I will not join a gym or do Pilates on a regular basis.  It would sound awesome to say “I spend four nights a week at the gym” or “I take Pilates some mornings before work.”  But I can’t do these things and do my job well, considering the commute and the hours.  It’s fine.
  • I will not clean out every closet in my house this year. Okay, the foyer closet really needs it, but Too Bad For You, bedroom closets.  That over-sized Thomas the Tank Engine gift bag in The Washington Room closet will just have to stay there.  The zebra bag with baby gifts to dole out two years ago?  Probably won’t be sorted in 2015.
  • I will not read HBR in 2015.  Yes, it makes me sound really smart and less churchy, but it also drives me crazy and I turn into a non-profit maniac with ADD.
  • I will also stop reading articles like this.  This kind of cultural phenomenon makes me so crazy that I start to think that secretly I want to be one of these ladies in my deepest, darkest parts.  Some of them are wearing tiaras.
  • I will just say “no” – without feeling guilty about it.  (2014 was a good year for saying “no” but I was still consumed with guilt. Upward and onward!)

So, I’m not expecting comments about what you will or will not do/have/want in the new year, but I hope you’ll ponder.

Image of First Lady Nancy Reagan discouraging children from using illegal substances.  (1987)

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