Forcing Fetch

Gretchen Wieners
Gretchen: That is so fetch!
Regina: Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!*

[Note:  This post will make no sense unless you’ve watched Mean Girls, preferably multiple times.]

It occurs to me that much of the conflict in our churches is a result of forcing fetch.  This is  true for secular life as well.   We sometimes try to make fetch happen.

“Fetch” could be anything from Trying to Make A Call Happen (we want so much to be the pastor of a particular church even though there are clear indications that it’s not right) to Trying to Make a Relationship Happen (we can’t make someone fall in love with us) to Trying to Be Something We Are Not (it’s simply too exhausting and sad.)

Creative, visionary pastors – especially those called to “help the church grow” – try to make fetch happen all the time.  We try to make changes in worship, organizational structure, mission, and culture but our people aren’t ready or they don’t understand the why behind the what or we fail to love our people and they know it.  We try to force the fetch and we fail, and the church often suffers for it.

So how do we indeed lead change that helps our congregations grow in post-Christendom?  How do we love our neighbors and make followers of Jesus in a 21st Century Church?

We refrain from forcing fetch.  Instead we pray, we discern, we collaborate, and we depend upon the Holy Spirit to lead us.

We cannot Save the Church.  We cannot Fix the Church.  We can’t make fetch happen.  Regina was right.

*From the movie Mean Girls (2004)

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