Girl Groups in the Age of Gender Fluidity

Photo of Diana ROSS and Florence BALLARD and Mary WILSON and SUPREMESApparently Bruce Jenner is transgender.  This was The Biggest News over the weekend during the same news cycle when over 2400 souls perished in Nepal.

Yes, it’s certainly big news when a male Olympic Gold Medalist announces that he is transitioning/has transitioned into she.  But it feels a little icky when this story is impacted more by the fact that she is part of a family famous for being famous than the fact that she is an accomplished person in her own right.

In pondering this post during a long drive half-way across the country, I tried the count the number of girl groups I’ve been a part of.  I came up with seven:  high school cheerleaders, Young Life girl’s small group, Capitol Hill clergywomen’s group, Lex Girls, Writing Revs, Preaching Roundtable, and RevGalBlogPals (whose book you can order right here.)  Note:  Both men and women are part of RevGalBlogPals but we are described as “a supportive community for clergywomen since 2005.”

Within those groups, there were both gay and straight friends who ran the gamut of traditionally feminine characteristics.  Genetically we are all female, but there are variations on how some of us self-identify.

So, what’s the future of “girl groups” in this time of gender fluidity? I’m a big fan of being with people who have similar experiences for support and truth-sharing (e.g. clergywomen who’ve been The First Woman Somebody’s Ever Known.)  I love the pep talks of encouragement between women.  I love the “heads up” moments.

But I also recognize that there are male colleagues who are excellent supporters and they get it.  There are also women with whom I have zero in common except for our chromosomes.  Are we (slowly) moving into a time when we will connect with each other based on something deeper than gender?

I frankly don’t know.  But I’d love your insights.

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3 responses to “Girl Groups in the Age of Gender Fluidity

  1. I believe there are a couple of trans-women in the RevGal Facebook group, and I know that there are women with trans* children (young and grown) in the group.
    My experiences with women (cis, fluid or trans*) are essentially the same as you have described. They are women, some more like and some more unlike me in myriad ways. They all bring perspectives that are unique and valuable, if only because they aren’t mine.


  2. Each time I read your articles I “forget” that you are a woman. But before the end of the article you always seem to bring it up. It startles me since your opinions often ring true whether written by male or female. I’m not shocked or surprised that there are women in the pulpit (PCUSA) and love and respect so many of them who have nurtured me – and I them- in our faith journeys. You are worthy! You are worthy! Stop pinching yourself.


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