Mothers’ Day Wednesday: Beautiful

boko haram releaseesBeauty is subjective of course, which makes it easy to say that I have extraordinarily beautiful friends and family.  The more imperfect they reveal themselves, the more beautiful they become to me.

I had a really beautiful Mom.  Even when she was in the throes of cancer she was beautiful to me and I told her so.  “I always loved that you were a beautiful mom,” I whispered into her ear when she was in a morphine-induced coma.

The Pretty Mother Story of the week has been Kate Middleton, appearing to have paid someone to give birth to her second child last weekend while she was off at a spa.  The truth is that she indeed gave birth, but Her People transformed her into a runway-worthy Princess.  Good for her.

The true beauties this week are those who don’t feel so beautiful perhaps, but their utter humanity makes them breathtakingly gorgeous.  My favorite candidates for Most Beautiful this week include the women and girls who have been freed from Boko Haram.  They have been subjected to traumas we cannot bear to imagine.  But look at these faces. These are beautiful women and girls.  Many of them have become mothers against their will.  They deserve our attention and our compassion.  We need to remember them  – the released and the not-yet-released  – this Mothers’ Day.

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