Essential For the Soul

Backyard 5-22-15Imagine a weekend when we can just sit and let The Spirit ooze into our deepest places.  No responsibilities.  No places to go.  No chores.  At least for one day of this three day weekend.

Stare into space at a national cemetery if you wish, or in your own backyard or out your own window.  But stare and notice what we usually overlook. Listen for what usually gets drowned out.

Hoping for a serene Pentecost.  (Is that an oxymoron?)

Site a our backyard wedding three months from today.

One response to “Essential For the Soul

  1. In the North Georgia Mountains for a wedding that I get to attend and NOT officiate at! Today was spend lounging on the front porch of the cabin we rented and reading! Sabbath for the Soul… I conducted my fair share of Memorial Day observances as an Active duty AF Chaplain… The cost of war hurts my very core…


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