Apparently Rachel Dolezal’s parents are Young Earth Creationists who believe Land of the Lost
that human beings walked the earth with dinosaurs. And Jurassic World is a box office sensation. And thriving businesses are slowly ridding their boardrooms of dinosaurs for the sake of the company.

But who are the dinosaurs in church leadership?

  • Dinosaurs are not necessarily older. I recently heard a 30-something leader refer to other leaders in her congregation as her elders, her organist, and her treasurer. (Please don’t do that.)
  • Dinosaurs are not necessarily dimwitted. The sauropod might have had a tiny brain, but many of our most old-fashioned leaders are very bright.

Dinosaurs – whether we are talking about pastors, elders, or whole congregations – are not extinct (yet.) What can we do now to prevent extinction in the future?

This is what so many of us in the 21st Century Church are trying to figure out. What can we do now to ensure that the future is not fraught with dead bones?

One response to “Dinosaurs

  1. Prophesy to these bones, say to them, O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord. — Ezekiel 37:4

    Breathe your Holy Spirit once more into the church that these dry bones might live and serve you, O Lord…


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