Exhaustion: The Worst

Exhaustion (2010)You know that moment, all you ordinarily perky humans out there.

You go with the flow.  You let the haters’ comments slide off your back. You answer the ridiculous questions, accept the offensive comments, repeat the explanation you’ve already shared several times.  But then it hits:  you are really exhausted. You’ve hit your limit.  You might just snap at the next person who asks for something.  Or burst into tears.  Or throw up.

That was me at about 4:05 yesterday afternoon.  And so I went home. I was done.

Sabbath is tomorrow and vacation is next week, but what I also need is an adventure apart from work adventures.  (And believe me – I have those.) Tomorrow’s post will be Adventures:  The Best.

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4 responses to “Exhaustion: The Worst

  1. I’m glad you will have some time for adventures other than work. Enjoy.


  2. Good for you, Jan. Enjoy and recharge. Blessings to you.


  3. Jan, thanks for your ministry. Nearly every day I appreciate the way you’re able to word what I am seeing and thinking. Your blog is an encouragement to me. Thanks for taking the time to take care of yourself! Blessings.


  4. Getting the house ready to sell… lots of work to lose money… certainly get where you are coming from… Enjoy the sabbath and I know Denise and I will enjoy the new call in August!


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