Vacation Check-In

This is not me.

This is not me.

As a self-acknowledged Sabbath-challenged individual, and in hopes of encouraging any sisters and brothers who might also be relaxation-impaired, I’m checking in.  It seems clear that reading a work-related book can in fact be energizing and gardening can be work. It depends.

Vacation Fails:

  • Read The Triple-Soy Decaf-Latte Era: How Business and Organization are Fundamentally Transforming by Alpesh Bhatt (Actually I loved this book like candy.  And I read it outside on a beach towel.)
  • Ran two different Home Depot Errands.  (But now our toilet seat has no crack in it.  This beats a summer drink with a little umbrella if you ask me.)
  • Shopped for clothes.  Hate. This. So. Much.

Vacation Successes:

  • Saw a movie in an actual movie theatre.
  • Got a pedicure.
  • Made teriyaki turkey burgers involving more than ten ingredients. (Actually this felt like work but they were delicious.)

True confessions: spending some of this vacation at a conference.

One response to “Vacation Check-In

  1. I might need to become your Sabbath police. I mean, umm, accountability partner. 😉 Clearly the definition of “vacation” needs some work. (lol.)

    Have fun!


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