Who Is My Neighbor? (Wedding Version)

I’ve lived in our current home for about four years and I don’t know our wedding tentgeographic neighbors well/at all.  I frankly know only two households by name and we identify the others by their yards:  the pretty yard, the yard with the bench chained to a tree, the perfect yard.

This was all true until today, that is.

Today, I slipped wedding invitations in the doors of our closest geographic neighbors warning them/informing them that a month from tomorrow, nuptials will be witnessed in our backyard with 100+ of our best friends and family.

There will be extra traffic (“but we expect little to no parking on the street because a shuttle will be transporting people to and from a parking lot a mile away“) and there will be music (“but we will be quiet by 10 pm so you can get to sleep.”)  But my mother always taught me that it’s good to include the neighbors when having a party so they don’t 1) feel left out and 2) call the police.  I included my email address and phone number if they’d like more information.

About an hour after my delivery, I received a call from an elderly neighbor who was delighted to be invited and – although her grown son who lives with her cannot make it – she’ll be there!  (When you invite the neighbors, it’s important to remember that they might accept the invitation.)  She shared her life story including:

  • her career as a teacher,
  • how she met her husband,
  • how he died,
  • the conversation with her priest in Chicago about where her Protestant husband might be buried,
  • where all her children and grandchildren now live,
  • her relationship with (all) the former owners of our home,
  • how much she likes to dance.

This is going to be an excellent wedding.

4 responses to “Who Is My Neighbor? (Wedding Version)

  1. fun! I love your elderly neighbor.


  2. Can’t wait to meet her!!


  3. Way to go Jan….when Jesus is the guest of honor…you never can tell who will turn out to be the life of the party…


  4. “Go and do likewise.” Beautiful.


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