Eye of the Tiger?

The word “tiger” is not found in either the Hebrew and Greek Bible.eye-of-god-20  

[Note:  this doesn’t mean that tigers don’t exist.  I mention this for a friend who once told me that she didn’t believe in the historic existence of dinosaurs because dinosaurs are not mentioned in the Bible.]

I would like to confess before you and God that when I watched this video yesterday, I felt alarmingly angry.  I was angry that political candidates seemed to be using Kim Davis.  I was angry that crosses were being held up in the crowd.  I was angry that a song by Survivor was being played – more like a battle cry than a hymn.  I was angry that many people in the world will watch that video and believe that all Christians are like the Christians in this story.

It’s a spiritual discipline – and one that I need – to reflect on how we have damaged the message of Jesus rather than throw stones at those whom we believe have damaged that message.  And so I confess that I wanted to rip her hair out. But it wouldn’t have helped at all.

So here is my hope for Kim Davis if I’m offering my best self:

  • That she will study the Gospels and note what Jesus said about homosexuality.
  • That she will study the Holiness Code in Leviticus and Paul’s letter to the Romans with someone who knows Koine Greek and ancient Hebrew.
  • That she will study the Gospels and note what Jesus said about divorce, and in light of her own life experience, grant grace to others.
  • That she will have the opportunity to befriend and be friended by LGBTQ people in her county.
  • That we who disagree with her theology would have compassion for her.
  • That she would not be re-elected if she cannot fulfill her constitutional duties.

When I looked up “tiger” on my online concordance, I was told that the word shows up zero times in the Bible, but then, this verse popped up:

From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this ought not to be so.  James 3:10


Image is of the Eye of God Nebula,  photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope.  I don’t believe God’s eye looks like this, but I do believe that God made the nebula, the geniuses who created the telescope, and Kim Davis.

One response to “Eye of the Tiger?

  1. Thank you for this reminder of living into our best selves, our true selves. Thank you for the alternatives to ripping her hair (and mine!) out.


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