I Heart Non-Profits

It occurs to me that all my Midwest friends are pastors, seminarians, pastor spouses, or the children of pastors.  Yes, this is true.

I love my clergy/clergy-related friends and yet it also occurs to me that I need friends who are not church people.  Voila:  the Kellogg Non-Profit Management classes.

After my fourth Kellogg non-profit management class, I am filled with joy over theBrainLightBulb-300x300 dessert that is People-Who-Do-Non-Profit-Work-Who-Are-Not-Clergy.  I took a class this week here (shameless plug) that – as I was sitting at my classroom desk – I wished all my creative colleagues could attend.

Imagine a group of non-profit leaders from the fields of law enforcement, education, art history, health care, finance, and peacemaking  from five nations plus the United States all talking about things like crucible experiences and “error blindness” correction and failure management and orthodoxy assessment.  I’m reminded of Nadia Bolz Weber sharing that her connection with cross training partners helped her remain sane-ish.  It’s crucial for emotional and theological reasons to have friends with no connection to The Church.

And so I wholeheartedly encourage you to seek out non-profit dreamers and leaders who are Not Like You.  It’s a privilege, a feast, and a soul-saving practice to compare notes with people who work in other nonprofits. I heartily recommend this.

2 responses to “I Heart Non-Profits

  1. Kerri Peterson-Davis

    Yep! I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned/grown since being in the non-profit world.


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