Does Jessica Jones Need an Exorcist?

God didn’t do this. The Devil did. And I’m going to find him.”  Jessica Jones

jessica-jonesImages of light and darkness are countless in this season.  Jesus versus Herod. The Resistance versus The First Order.

The light is infinitely better, although much of the world is drowning in darkness.  This is why we need Christmas.  This is why we need the Incarnation.  This is why we need Jesus.

In the thick of all this, I’ve been watching Jessica Jones on Netflix at the recommendation of lots of people.  Warning: it’s a little dark.

In fact, it’s so dark, I wonder if my soul can take it.  The dark side includes addiction, mental illness, PTSD, deceit, crime, and pure evil – sometimes all swirling together in a ball of chaos that feels bankrupt of any possibility for redemption. With Philippians 4:8 on the tip of my tongue, I wonder how healthy it is to subject my amygdala to Jessica Jones.  And yet, I love the storytelling.

Some of the darkness is ridiculous (Robyn and Rubin) and some of it is supernaturally powerful and deeply disturbing (Barty Crouch Jr. – yikes.)

Does evil exist in the world?  Absolutely.  It’s manifested in war crimes, mental illness, addiction, sexual violence, human trafficking, poverty, ignorance, and greed.  I don’t understand where it all comes from.  But it’s real.

I believe in the Light.  I have occasionally seen evidence with my own eyes, but we are called to believe by faith not by sight.  Maybe Jessica Jones needs an exorcist.  Maybe she needs a happy ending.  Maybe I should just remember she is  a fictional character.

But pastors know Jessica Jones.  She’s the parishioner who drinks to forget her past.  She’s gruff and for good reason.  She’s the person in the pews who has been abused beyond all measure and now she is trying to make things right, for herself and for others.

So I’m watching the first season and looking for light, just as I’m facing the new year fully expecting something brilliant to happen in the darkness.

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