The Best of 2016

wedding volunteersHyperbole is my middle name.  My family includes The Best Sister Ever and The Best Daughter Ever.  “You are the best” is my highest compliment.

And with that in mind, know that the following things were The Best in 2015 – at least for me.  If I were The Queen of All Things I would require everybody to choose/ponder/relish in:

  • The Best Article of 2015The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration by Ta-Nehisi Coates from the October issue of Atlantic Monthly.  Look for the story about Celia.
  • The Best TED Talks on Race in 2015 – These were selected by the TED people, but they are excellent for personal edification or group discussions.
  • The Best Performance by a National Treasure in 2015 – Just the other night, Aretha owned it at The Kennedy Center Honors.
  • The Best (New to Me) Restaurant in 2015River Roast.  The vegetables.
  • The Best Wedding Venue in 2015 – Our backyard.  God’s gift of perfect weather made all the difference.

May 2016 bring the best in every way to you and your loved ones.  Thanks for reading my blog in 2015.  I really appreciate it.

Image of The Best Wedding Volunteers on one of The Best Days Ever a girl could ever want.


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