This Never Happened

John Henry Lorimer, The Ordination of Elders in a Scottish Kirk

  • A Pastor Nominated Committee loved the idea of having a new
    Pastor in time for the Christmas next Winter.  How long could it possibly take to find the right pastor?  Twelve months is plenty of time.
  • A Pastor Nominating Committee became tired after a longer-than-expected search and settled on an okay choice.
  • A Congregational Nominating Committee could not find enough people willing to serve as elders and deacons, so they decided to elect nominal members who might be lured to “come back to church” if they were elected to be officers.
  • Nobody had the heart to ask a ineffective church leader to step down and so they promoted her to a position of even more power.
  • Nobody had the guts to ask a toxic leader to step aside for the sake of the peace and unity of the church.
  • A year passed.  Nobody tried anything new.  Nobody expected much.

Let’s enjoy such an ecclesiastically healthy year in 2016 so that we can honestly say that these scenarios never happened.  We called to something so much greater.


Image is The Ordination of Elders in a Scottish Kirk (1891) by Lorimer.

One response to “This Never Happened

  1. Classic, priceless and sadly, all too common. Good for you for saying this out loud, Jan.


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