Who Taught You How to . . .

Who When What WhyFaithful readers: if you happen to be the Head of Staff in your church:  who taught you how to be a Head of Staff?

To those of you who moderate governing boards/the vestry/the session: who taught you how to Moderate a meeting?

To anyone reading this who runs a non-profit or serves from the second chair or organizes an event:  how did you learn how to do those things?

These are real questions and I hope you’ll share your experiences. Did you watch someone do it?  Did you go to “head of staff” school?  Did you learn on the fly? Did you read Drucker/Godin/Borden/Easum/Bandy/Bullard/Rendle?Are you being coached?

Lifelong learning is crucial for all leaders.  But what if we work with someone who doesn’t see any need to learn new skills or has no desire to tweak their expertise?  How do we encourage seasoned pastors, for example, to become more proficient?

One of the fun things about ministry in the 21st Century Church is that it’s all deliciously new.  One of the not-fun things is that many of us are not interested in the new.  We have too many leaders who are too weary or unwilling or unaware to make pronounced shifts in his/her leadership.  There are too many of us who have made ministry about us.

(It’s not about us.)

What are the best coaches or books or blogs or classes you’ve found that enhance your leadership skills for serving the 21st Century Church?  I’d love you to share.

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