Explaining the Ridiculous

Hello Kitty ValentineTBC and I were recalling Valentines Past the other day and we remembered shopping in Target about ten years ago looking for Valentine cards. It was about two weeks before the big day but we wanted first dibs on the best choices.  And this is what happened.

Me (to Target employee):  Excuse me.  Where are your Valentines?

The Target Employee was a young man who was not originally from the U.S. and he looked off into the distance and quietly repeated:  Valentimes.  And then he looked back at me and TBC and said:  I do not know Valentimes.

Me:  You know.  They are those little cards that children pass out at parties on Valentine’s Day.  They might have pictures of Hello Kitty on them.  Or Batman.

Target Employee:  I don’t understand.

Me:  They’re maybe in the card section.  They’re usually red or pink.  Sometimes they are lacy.  You can get them with Sesame Street characters.  Or Dr. Seuss.

Target Employee:  ?

The more we tried to explain, the more ridiculous we sounded.

Sometimes we try to explain things to people who are unfamiliar with Church World and it sounds a little ridiculous.  Or worse, we don’t even try to explain and we simply assume they know what we are talking about:

  • Special Music
  • Coffee Hour
  • Offering Plate
  • Narthex
  • Blood Hymns
  • Stewardship Season

Seriously, try explaining “special music” to someone who has never been in a church building.  It’s special because  . . . ?

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day as well as a meaningful Lent 1.  Can we easily explain what that means?

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