This is a post about self care.Lupita's headband

Those of us who spend time in pulpits – or doing any kind of public speaking – need to keep our hair out of our faces.

There was a time in the ’90s when I had three young children and shoulder length hair and I – briefly – succumbed to wearing a head band in the pulpit.  It was not a good look on me.

That’s how little I cared about my hair, but at least it was out of my face.  Hair-in-face was a certain way to receive snide grooming comments by parishioners on their way out of the sanctuary just as surely as if I’d worn red shoes in the pulpit.

Headbands serve many purposes of course.  They can mean:

While there are fashionable options, sometimes headbands simply mean “I have given up.”

This can become a habit my friends.  Self-care is often a last priority for pastors – especially women pastors.  Especially women pastors who are moms.  Especially women pastors who are single moms.

This is actually a blog post for parishioners today:  please look out for your pastor’s well-being. Please encourage her to take her Sabbath.  Please demand that he takes his vacation.

It’s almost the mid-point of Lent.  Your pastors might be tired.  This is a good week to check in with them.

Image of Lupita Nyong’o.  Most of us will never look this good in a headband. 

One response to “Headband

  1. This is a great message! I think all too often people forget how over extended our pastors may be. I try to make it habit to check in frequently on mine, as I regard her as both a spiritual guide and a friend.


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