What Would You Be Willing to Do for Your Church?

It’s Holy Week and we remember what God was willing to do to crackrockroad580
open the cosmic reality that we are loved by our Creator to the death.

[What our clergy, educators, and musicians are willing to do this week is another story for another post.  Think: long hours and family sacrifices.  For those of us for whom spring break is always Holy Week, there will be no trip to Disney World.]

For many churches who wring their hands over The Future Of Their Congregations, there is more fear than faith, more over-functioning than equipping others, more self-limitation than experimentation.

What would you – stressed out church person – be willing to do for your church?  If it meant that your congregation would surely thrive . . .

  • Would you, Pastor, be willing to step aside/retire early?
  • Would you give up control of the church check book or the files or the coffee pots or the flower vases or the education program?
  • Would you allow the endowments to be used to invest in the future (as opposed to using it to balance the budget)?
  • Would you risk calling a pastor who doesn’t look like you?
  • Would you be willing to open the doors to strangers who need to be fed/tutored/counseled/taught?
  • Would you be willing to give a new generation a chance?

This is the perfect week to consider what we would be willing to do for the sake of the Gospel.  It’s not about propping up the church as an institution.  It’s about being the church in a way that shows the world what God’s love looks like.

Sometimes we might be the rock blocking the tomb.  Or we could be the one to roll it out of the way to help resurrection happen.

4 responses to “What Would You Be Willing to Do for Your Church?

  1. I appreciate the image of me being the rock that blocks the tomb. I will need to think and pray about that. Keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you for finally giving me the spark for the Sunrise Service at my church! A tomb, with rocks to take away of what we are willing to ‘roll away’ in order for Jesus to live!


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