Where Does Your Pastor Stand?

bible-at-pulpitThe Bible is an equal opportunity offender.  We can find verses to support our political views.  And we can find verses to support the opposite of our political views.

So what about the pastor who is “never political” or the pastor who “never makes waves“?  Some parishioners seek this kind of pastor.  Nobody gets offended.  Nobody feels uncomfortable.  I’ve heard church people boast that “nobody knows where our pastor stands on anything” as if that’s a good thing.

Note what I’m not saying here:

  • I’m not saying that preachers should tell people how to vote.
  • I’m not saying that God is a Democrat or a Republican.  (Or a Libertarian or a Whig or a . . .)
  • I’m not saying that we preachers should ever presume that we know the full mind of God.

I’m saying that:

  • Jesus said a lot about money (and his words convict us all)
  • Jesus was shockingly provocative about how we are supposed to treat our enemies, the untouchables, the powerless.
  • Jesus was a counter intuitive leader (e.g. the first shall be last)
  • Jesus was killed because he preached radical love to the point of being charged with trying to overturn the powers.

I’m saying that if we aren’t preaching about the evils of racism, idolatry, misogyny, greed, and inhospitality then we are failing to convey the way of Jesus. It will make some of our people uncomfortable but God calls us to notice when our brothers and sisters are hurting.

Again, the Bible is an equal opportunity offender.  Some of us need to be comforted.  Some of us need to be unsettled.  All of us need more than entertainment or pats on the head from our spiritual leaders.

We who believe Jesus rose up from death are called to help others rise up. Where do we stand on this?  Where are our pastors on this?


5 responses to “Where Does Your Pastor Stand?

  1. pastorjanshannon

    True prophets bring hard messages. It can be dangerous work, but where there is truth, there is freedom.


  2. Our pastors are the kind you would agree with. They preach the Jesus line. He did not come to make us comfortable. He came to save us from our sins. We all have them


  3. That is why I said you are brave! You challenge us, make us question, make us use our brain. Maybe not always comfortable but necessary for spiritual growth and action.


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