Doing Nothing


After ten days of rib-bruising hacking and other basic cold symptoms, three retreats, and assorted beyond-the-usual-work-things activities, I canceled a work trip to San Diego to recover.  This is not something I do.

So now I am home Doing Nothing in the hopes of regaining my health and more.

Doing Nothing for me usually means:

  • Having time to pay bills, sort laundry, clean out the fridge, and update my Angie’s List and Yelp reviews.
  • Catch up on Thank You notes.
  • Bake.

But this time I am really Doing Nothing.  (Note:  this blog post is my last until the hacking subsides.)  May you find the time to Do Nothing soon.

5 responses to “Doing Nothing

  1. Praying for your renewed health and strength. Sleep..daydream.


  2. I have had this issue (both the ailment and the inability to Do Nothing) before, and I ended up with pneumonia. You do not want that. Do Nothing is definitely the right prescription. Take care.


  3. I have had a similar issue and went back to the doc …. needed stronger meds to heal the chest. Ugh.
    Praying for you to enjoy the rest and have patience to heal. Spring is coming.


  4. Oh dear! You really need to do nothing. I had the same health issues during Lent and I had not the energy to do anything, except talk to God. God also gave me some lectures back It turned out to be very spiritual for me. And then I ended up with pneumonia so take care of yourself.
    I’m all better now and trying to put into practice the things that God suggested for changes in my life.


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