If I Were the Queen of All Things

I often ask people, “If you were the Queen of All Things/King of All Things . . .Roundtable in Montreat 2016 and then the end of that sentence depends on what we are talking about.  What would be your life dream?  How would you spend the next year?

If I were the Queen of All Things . . .

  • Everybody on the planet would get good food, shelter, an education and health care.  (Note the good.  Healthy food.  Safe shelter.  Top notch education.  Quality health care.)
  • Everybody would get a sabbatical at least once in their lives.
  • Everybody would get a birthday video like the one I got in March.
  • Everybody would have some one to make them soup when they felt terrible.
  • Everybody would have a cohort of colleagues like my preaching group.

For the 17th year, we are meeting to share resources, wisdom, vulnerability, stories, sorrows, frustrations, and joy.  We’ve been to Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Georgia, California, Tennessee, New York, Florida, Virginia, and Scotland together, and more than ever, I believe that everybody deserves this kind of group of friends and colleagues.

If I were the QOAT, it would happen.  But I’m not.  So let’s get out there and make good things happen for people.




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