If Rachel Ray Was a Pastor . . .


Rachael cooksYesterday, Rachael Ray – the celebrity cook – was confused with Rachel Roy – the fashion designer who allegedly was the subject of Beyonce’s Lemonade released over the weekend. For several hours it was ugly.  And then Twitter hilarity ensued. (“Stop coming for poor Rachael Ray. She just wants to make brunch.”)

As #RachaelRay trended on Twitter, many suggested that this would be an excellent time for her to drop a lemon-centric cookbook.

Media specialists call this a crisitunity.

Pastors need to learn how to do this: take a crisis and use it for something positive to the glory of God.  Consider the crises that churches face:

  • Sanctuary floods/burns down/get’s blown away in a tornado.
  • Church staff member disappears/lands in jail/joins the circus.
  • Protesters march outside church building (for reasons that embarrass rather than make Mom proud.)

What’s a Pastor to do?  Hiding is not a an option.

Kellie Anderson-Picallo – who knows something about crisitunities –  taught my preaching group last week some helpful tips:

  1. Don’t be a victim.  Talk about the positive aspects of – even – a difficult situation:  The religious community is pulling together. This is a great time to remind people that we are a people of faith. We are grateful for the support of our neighbors.  
  2. Use appropriate humor.  Try my new lemonade recipe.
  3. Now is the perfect time to reorganize/rebuild. We always wanted to install screens in the sanctuary and now we can (since we have to rebuild it anyway.)

So, again:  Rachael (with an “ae”) – it’s time to get your Honey Vanilla Lemonade Recipe out there.  And churches:  if you are facing a crisis, make your own lemonade.

One response to “If Rachel Ray Was a Pastor . . .

  1. Victoria L Yokeley

    Mamaw always said, “if life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” And we both know she meant it and lived it.


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