One Book/One Church: Global Edition

I am the weak sister of book groups.  Rescuing Jesus

Over the years, I’ve been in several and I am consistently frustrated because I didn’t take time to read the book, or the location involves logistical gymnastics, or a pastoral emergency arose that night, or I was too embarrassed to say that I was really there for the wine/dessert/coffee/companionship and I didn’t even care about the book.

But I’m a big fan of One Book/One Church projects.  (Or One Book/One City.) I would love for the wider church to read the same book this summer and talk about it among ourselves.

Urban Village Church in Chicago – one of my favorite churches – is reading Rescuing Jesus by Deborah Jian Lee this summer.  Check out the plan here. Frankly, this plan feels more complicated than I can handle.  (It could be a hectic summer.) But I’m wondering about doing something rogue-ish.  Not a series of meetings but just one gathering on one night sometime this summer.

As well, I am encouraging you – wherever you are – to read this book and simply gather with friends on one night or on a breezy afternoon under a big umbrella to talk about what it has historically meant to be “evangelical” and what it increasingly means to be “evangelical” today in the 21st Century Church.

Note to the media: Please stop hijacking “evangelical” to make it a political label.

Note to everybody: There are lots of people of color/women/LGBTQ folks engaged in changing the world for good in the name of Jesus Christ.

I am an evangelical Christian.  I believe that following Jesus is the best way to live.  I consider the Hebrew and Greek Bible to be the unique and authoritative witness for our lives.  I believe we are saved for and from many things that seek to destroy us and separate us from God and each other.  I believe that we are all broken and ridiculous, but love – as displayed through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus – changes everything.

I’d like to be in a worldwide group with you, my friends, to read this book.  Who’s in?

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