Texting in Meetings (I’m a Fan)

priests-textingIn a recent worship service, this was an announcement in the church bulletin:  “To make a public expression of a joy or prayer concern, send a text message to (pastor’s name) at (cell phone #).

This presumes that 1) the pastor keeps a phone close by during worship and 2) other people have their phones on too.   I’ve heard some say, “Can’t people put down their cell phone for just one hour of their lives for the LORD?”  But here was a church inviting people to text during Sunday worship.  Yay.

Conventional wisdom is that texting during business meetings – much less worship –  is rude.  This article, though, says that texting during worship meetings can be effective in connecting people.

Do you remember whispering to a friend in 4th grade and the teacher saying, “Do you have something you’d like to share with the whole class?”  (I would always say ‘no’ even if the question was “What page are we on?”)  I didn’t have the courage to share out loud to everyone that I was lost.

Sometimes there are conversations that are important but they don’t need to be shared with the whole room.

Good reasons to text during a meeting – if you ask me:

  • Encouraging someone on the other side of the room to speak up about “that thing” they were talking about before the meeting.
  • Asking a question that not everybody at the table needs to hear. (What page are we on?)
  • Saying thank you.  (“Thanks for backing me up.”)
  • Making sure your child found the house key to get inside during a rainstorm.

Not-so-good reasons to text during a meeting:

  • Making dinner plans with your college roommate for next month.
  • Talking about your co-worker’s new tattoo.
  • Checking randomly because you are bored.

Yes, all the best practices venues will say that texting during meetings makes people appear unprofessional or disinterested.  But I believe that we are more attentive if we can text during meetings – at least in some contexts.  The bigger the meeting, for example, the more helpful it is to text.  What do you think?  What are the norms for your meetings/worship services/life?

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3 responses to “Texting in Meetings (I’m a Fan)

  1. I tweet the sermon every Sunday (with the preacher’s permission and support) in real time, as an evangelism tool. There are some folks who have tattled to the preacher about me “playing on my iPad” during the sermon. She sets them straight, and we have a good laugh about it.


  2. Andrea ( aka rokinrev)

    It was a sad thing when I had to post “no cell phones unless you are on call” in bulletins. I don’t keep mine on 24/7, but I don’t use noises on my computer either. What did we do before them?


  3. i text with my children who are sitting right next to me. great reminders during the week of what we experienced on sunday. i’ve also been known to tweet and post on Facebook!


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