Week 1, So Far

TDA and I will be working on blog posts specifically related to our term asPress Conference denominational leaders over the next two years.  But for now, I am moved to share what’s happened so far – both the sacred and the ordinary:

  • We Presbyterians added a new confession to our set of creeds. While we have a long, long way in addressing systemic racism and racial prejudice, this was a profoundly holy moment.
  • We have been chased by an international delegate seeking a selfie. Seriously.  He chased us.
  • We have received an array of wonderful gifts simply for being elected co-moderators (books, stoles, a museum-worthy toolbox with a hand-crafted gavel, several crosses, magnets, pens, pins, those cool things that stick to your phone to carry your drivers’ license.)
  • We have “brought greetings” to at least twenty groups and eaten lots of carbs.
  • We have hugged hundreds of people.  And we liked it.
  • We have been hung out with people of every age and from all over the world.
  • We have had memes created about us.
  • We have been (unofficially) invited to Pakistan, Jamaica, South Africa, Egypt, Scotland, Puerto Rico, Congo, Zimbabwe, Ghana, South Korea, and Bolivia.

People comment that we “must be exhausted” and we are, but this is the experience of a lifetime.  We are unspeakably humbled.  (Thank you General Assembly 222.)

Image from our first  press conference.  

3 responses to “Week 1, So Far

  1. The world turned upside down. So grateful to the two of you.


  2. The best man in Hari and Heather’s wedding has just arrived in South Africa with his family where Brian and Tracey will be serving with SIM. I am so happy to be sending him the news of the PCUSA adoption of the Belhar Confession.


  3. May your term be filled with graced gifts and synchronicities!


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